Reflection Reflection

Leaders, heroes and role models. A hero is an individual who is idealized or admired for superior qualities, deeds, or actions of any kind. Words that may describe a hero are: determination, courage, honour, and excellence. A role model is someone who is emulated because they have set an example for the behaviour of others – usually in a positive way. Who is a hero, role model, or leader that has been influential to you?

Reflection activity for certificate students Reflection Activity for Certificate Students

Certificate Students: eJournal Reflection Activity 1.3 (about 15 minutes)

Log in to the Mahara ePortfolio Website. Click on the “Content” button and then on “Journal”. Click on “New Entry” and record your thoughts. Title the entry, “Reflection Activity 1.3”.

If you need help writing an eJournal, please refer to the Learning Journal. If you need help posting your reflection, please refer to the Mahara Learning Journal Guide.