Final Quiz

1. Human rights, democratic principles, consultation, cooperation, and consensus-building are fundamental political values of the Commonwealth.
2. Citizenship, human rights, participation, democracy, empowerment, robust pluralism and equity are key Commonwealth values and principles.
3. Which facility is often upheld as the Commonwealth's greatest contribution to world affairs?
The ability to maintain friendly relations while "agreeing to disagree" is crucial for securing international peace
Economic co-operation
Achieving of consensus on political issues
4. Why are human rights necessary? Select all that apply.
because they give us a moral vision of human nature and human dignity 
because they give us a political vision or an agenda for change 
because we need human rights for protection when our legal rights are violated by the state, and to encourage justice and fairness within our societies 
all of the above 
5. Human rights can be protected by: (select all that apply)
raising both national and international awareness of human rights violations 
human rights conventions
regional governmental organizations
The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) 
all of the above 
6. Youth development work is a process of:
increasing the participation of young people in national development and decision-making
increasing the participation of young people in games and social activities
7. Youth development work aims to:
empower youth
keep youth entertained
8. Empowerment is about: (select all that apply)
helping to increase the skills and capacity of individuals
helping people to become more self-confident
helping groups to work together
helping to create a more equitable division of resources and decision-making
all of the above
9. Which styles of democratic decision-making requires the greatest participation, and the one that most promotes empowerment.
majority vote
proportional outcomes
10. As citizens, you have the power to stop discrimination, to eliminate oppression, and to bring an end to ignorance and indifference. You can choose to help end human rights violations, or you can choose to ignore them. Where do Universal rights begin?
at home
with each individual person
at school or college
in every factory, farm or office
in neighborhoods, communities and countries
all of the above