Course Goals

Welcome to the eLearning course, Embracing Commonwealth Values in Youth Development. This online course has three goals. The first is to introduce you to a set of values that have come to underpin the Commonwealth – human rights, equity, democracy, pluralism, citizenship, participation and empowerment.

The second goal is to introduce you to the Commonwealth as an international organisation: how it evolved, how it is structured, and what it is trying to achieve. You should be able to develop a sense not just of Commonwealth values, but also of the value of the Commonwealth itself. As a voluntary association of sovereign, independent states, it is unique in its ability to bring together such a diverse range of peoples committed to dialogue and consensus building, where developing and developed country governments sit as equals around the table.

Young man receiving his diploma from the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) South Pacific in New Zealand.The third goal is to introduce you to the CYP Diploma program. The diploma program is made up of 13 “core” modules, in addition to region-specific modules. The modules cover topics such as enterprise and economic development, youth policy, gender, health, project management, the environment and sustainable development. Each module takes approximately 4-6 weeks of full-time study. More information can be found on the Commonwealth website.