Challenges to pluralism

Structural imbalances of power as well as structured social exclusion can be challenges for pluralism. How can there be full democracy when a society effectively excludes some groups from education because of gender or because they can’t afford it?

Eager youngsters at the launch of the Commonwealth Connects 'Hole-in-the-Wall' project, which features four computer terminals installed at a solar-powered learning station in the community at Kiswa, located 3 km east of Kampala. It is designed to address the development needs of the young people through the replication of similarly successful projects in India. 19 November 2007 In your own experience, you may well find that some groups have suffered educational and cultural exclusion throughout childhood. To integrate them into pluralist society, you have to help them counteract the effects of long-term exclusion.

How can there be effective democracy when some groups are so powerful that they can ignore what the voting population votes for?