Unit 2 QuizUnit 2 Quiz

1. As long as we are __________ we have fundamental human rights.
2. Why are human rights necessary? Select all that apply.
because they give us a moral vision of human nature and human dignity 
because they give us a political vision or an agenda for change 
because we need human rights for protection when our legal rights are violated by the state, and to encourage justice and fairness within our societies 
all of the above 
3. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the best known list of human rights. Making sure that every person knows about it: (select all that apply)
is one of the best ways of ensuring that human rights are respected around the world 
promotes the best of human potential 
is not important 
is for lawyers
4. Human rights can be protected by: (select all that apply)
raising both national and international awareness of human rights violations 
human rights conventions
regional governmental organizations
The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) 
all of the above 
5. True or False: Human rights are 'universal, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated.'