The Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP)

Young people are vital to the processes of development, democracy and participation. We as citizens of the Commonwealth, have the responsibility, as well as the right, to participate in making change.

~ (Citizen You Commonwealth Youth Summit 2002)

A CYP Diploma GraduateSince its foundation in 1974, CYP has worked to promote youth empowerment through education and training, expanding employment opportunities, and increased participation in decision-making. As some of the early discussions leading to the formation of CYP took place at the Singapore CHOGM in 1971, it was quite natural for the Commonwealth principles enunciated there to be proposed as a key focus for the youth programme.

One of the overarching principles that the Commonwealth Youth Programme has adopted to guide its work is to ‘promote the Commonwealth values of social justice, democracy and human rights amongst the young people of the Commonwealth.’